Research Achievements

Achieving China’s “X+1+X” gas reform target through the development of regional gas hubs

CHEN Xinhua , YANG Lei , JING Chunmei , LIU Manping

Abstract: To achieve the “X+1+X” gas reform target, China should allow different regions to try out different models to form the last X, i.e. competitive downstream market. After reviewing the European experiences in building gas hubs based on virtual trading point, this paper suggests to use Zhejiang province as a pilot, integrating the interconnected provincial pipeline network, the LNG receiving centre and the gas trading platform, to showcase how a competitive downstream market can be built with the active participation of both Chinese and international market players.

Key words:natural gas; pipeline; trading platform; regional gas hubs

(Published in International Petroleum Economy, 2020, Issue 6, Volume 28)