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Thinking on the Market-oriented Development Model of China's Natural Gas Industry

QI Aihua ,YANG Lei

Abstract: There are still different opinions on the development mode of the market-oriented development of China’s gas industry. This paper argues that the foundation for the market-oriented development of China’s gas industry is still rather weak, and the market-oriented reform will go through a long and gradual process, so it is important not to be too hasty. China has a vast territory and uneven regional development is a serious problem. We can learn from foreign models but cannot copy them. We must choose a development model that suits China’s national conditions and regional characteristics. The development mode should adapt to the development stage. It should adapt to the basic conditions and allow multiple modes to coexist, including integration mode, free competition mode and virtual trading hub mode. It should be conducive to reach the goals to cultivate natural gas as the main energy in China’s modern clean energy system. 

Key words: Natural Gas; Industry Chain; Market-oriented Reform; Development Stage; Development Model

Doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-2355.2020.08.004

(Published in Energy of China, 2020. Vol. 42. No. 8.)