【Beijing Forum Cloud International Forum Series】Peking University Energy Forum,the 1st Energy Forum of Peking University, the 17th BEIJING FORUM-Energy Transition Driven by Technology & the 14th Five-year-plan Outlook

With the progress of society, energy has been one of the three necessities of human survival. General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: Whoever masters energy, may master the development of space, master the creation of an important source of wealth. In today's world, energy is a priority area for national security, and many international political, economic, diplomatic and military activities are centered around energy in making articles.

The world landscape is changing, and is in the midst of a major change unprecedented in a century. Technological advances are advancing day by day, and are driving social progress. In recent years, technology is driving significant changes in the global energy landscape at an unprecedented rate. The breakthrough of U.S. shale oil and gas technology has brought about explosive growth in U.S. oil and gas production and changed the global energy supply and demand pattern; the rapid progress of new energy technology represented by renewable energy technology has led to rapid cost reduction, and the cost of photovoltaic and wind power has been lower than thermal power in many areas to achieve grid parity; digitalization and intelligence are accelerating the development of low-carbon energy, and electric vehicles and smart homes are New business models are being created. In such a context, it is of great practical significance to discuss the direction of energy technology development and its impact on energy from an international perspective, a global perspective and a future perspective, in order to achieve high-quality energy development and ensure energy security.

The forum is intended to invite leaders from the National Energy Administration and the International Energy Agency, as well as people from government departments, energy industries and institutions and renowned scholars and experts to participate in the meeting and discussion.

We sincerely invite you to attend the forum and look forward to your visit!