LIU Guoping

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Brief Introduction: Liu Guoping, Boya Postdoc, Assistant Researcher, Cooperative mentor is Academician Jin Zhijun.

Research fields: Characterization and prediction of natural fractures in unconventional reservoirs; Tectonic-diagenetic evolution and reservoir quality evaluation.

Scientific research achievements: He has published 25 journal papers, including 8 papers published by the first author or corresponding author in the authoritative journals such as AAPG Bulletin, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Oil and Gas Geology. He was authorized 3 national invention patents and registered 1 software copyright. He serves as a reviewer for MPG, JPSE and other journals.

Educational Experience:

September 2016-December 2020: PhD student at China University of Petroleum (Beijing), tutored by Professor Zeng Lianbo.

November 2018-November 2019: Jointly trained PhD student at University of North Dakota, tutored by Professor Vamegh Rasouli and Associate Professor Mehdi Ostadhassan.

September 2012-June 2015: Master student at China University of Petroleum (Beijing), tutored by Professor Zeng Lianbo.

September 2008-June 2012: Undergraduate student at China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

Representative works:

Liu, G.P.; Zeng, L.B.; Sun, G.; Zu, K.; Qin, L.; Mao, Z.; Mehdi, O. Natural fractures in tight gas volcanic reservoirs and their influences on production in the Xujiaweizi Depression, Songliao Basin, China. AAPG Bulletin. 2020, 104(10), 2099-2123.

Liu, G.P.; Zeng, L.B.; Li, H.N.; Mehdi, O.; Minou, R. Natural fractures in metamorphic basement reservoirs in the Liaohe Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 2020, 119, 104479.

Liu, G.P.; Zeng, L.B.; Zhu, R.; Gong, L.; Mehdi, O.; Mao, Z. Effective fractures and their contribution to the reservoirs in deep tight sandstones in the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China Marine and Petroleum Geology. 2021, 124, 104824.

Liu, G.P.; Zeng, L.B.; Wang, X.; Mehdi, O.; Wang, Z.; Mao, Z.; Tie, Q. Natural fractures in deep tight gas sandstone reservoirs in the thrust belt of the southern Junggar Basin, northwestern China. Interpretation. 2020, 8(4), 81-93.

Liu Guoping; Dong Shaoqun; Li Hongnan; Peng Shimi; Guan Cong; Mao Zhe1. Characteristics of natural fractures and their influencing factors in the paleo-buried-hill reservoirs of the Western Sag in the Liaohe Basin, China. Oil and Gas Geology. 2020, 41(3), 525-533.